Kristen Robinson:Design
Kristen Robinson, set designer
MFA Yale School of Drama: Set Design
Princess Grace Theater Fellowship, 2013, Pierre Cardin Award Winner
Theatre requires me to trust and work with others. It is a meditation on selflessness and impermanence. This trust, while frightening at times, is among the most compelling challenges of the theatre.

As an artist I define myself by a devotion to hard work, practice, and a deep belief that beauty will indeed save the world. I understand my purpose is to be truthful: Truthful to the art form, truthful to the story of the human spirit, truthful to my own art. How do I manifest that truth? By giving myself fully to the work; by not accepting harmful compromises; by actively working against apathy.

I am an artist by need, not by choice. I will always lead a life of theatre and art because to not create would be an active denial of the truth of who I am as a person. I am an artist who wishes to live the work she has been called to do. I want to support myself through my art. I cannot imagine I would be able to live in any other way.